Do You Need Some OPoker nline Tournament Tips Real Quick?

In the past few years, the difference between players has become like heaven and hell. On the contrary, even the most skilled players are losing and losers are making big bucks. In particular, this is completely relying on the skills of a player.

Therefore, it urges a poker online player to excel up his skills and that is what we will help you with. Thus, here are some real quick tips that will help you to play better at tournaments on

  1. Take considerations from your opponent

This tip features two phases. Firstly you should take notes on your opponent while playing a game with him. Secondly, you should study him while being off the table. Many sites provide a feature to color-code your opponent that will help you to categorize them. Hence, you can identify players with ease.

This will help when you play with the same player again. Moreover, you will already know the playing style of the opponent since you have hands with him before. This will help you make better decisions against him.

  1. HUD is dominant

This is pretty straightforward! If you don’t use an HUD to identify your opponents and to categorize the, someone else will. Hence, he will be on an advantage and you won’t.

Moreover, HUD will help you a lot in multi-tabling. Furthermore, they will also ensure that you recall the opponent if you face him again in future tournaments.

  1. Use poker ranking websites

There are a lot of websites that provide you the data of other players. The information may include various helpful statistics such as the number of deep runs he plays, cashes, ROI, average buy-in’s, and the total number of tournaments played.

Hence, these types of websites will help you to understand your opponent much better. Moreover, you can use this as an advantage against your opponent since the majority of players don’t know about it.

  1. Plan the size of your opens

You can use the pre-set buttons that will help you in betting. Moreover, they will help you in appropriately sizing your opens at the different stages involved in a tournament. It is easy for you to determine stack size for opposing players. Hence, you will be able to determine the big blinds that a player plays.

Therefore, this will ensure that you are accurately sizing your opens. But you should bear the table dynamics and table stacks in your mind.

  1. Bounty tournament means more chances

You will encounter various situations where you will face a “close spot” in some bounty tournaments. Furthermore, you will have more game cash i.e. chips than your rivalry and you can easily win by playing an all-in move.

You won’t need any other reason to grab this chance.


So these were some really quick tips that will ensure that you are always above your opponents and outrank them in every manner. By following these tips you will become a professional poker player in no time. That’s all we have for today.