The Allure OfProstate Orgasms And Ways To Achieve It

People have their own ways of derieving pleasure from sexual activities, some derieve their pleasure from the good old sexual intercourse while others engage in several sexual fetishes in order to satisfy themselves. Attaining Prostate Orgasms from massaging one’s  prostate is one such method to attain pleasure.

What is prostate?

The prostate is the exocrine gland of the male reproductive system which is located between the bladder and penis, just in front of the rectum and can be accessedvia one’s anus. The function of this glands is to produce a fluid which is one of the constitutes of semen. The prostate is often called as the ‘male G-spot’ since some men can achieve orgasm solely by stimulating their prostate during anal intercourse or by using anal insertion toys.

What does a prostate orgasm feels like and the sensations leading to it

Well, it is difficult to describe orgasms in words, the most one can say about orgasms is that it is a strong momentary feeling of excitement and pleasure that one experiences during sexual activity. While explaining Prostate Orgasms can be difficult, the sensations leading to it aren’t. These sensations are-

  • The first sign of an approaching orgasm is that the pelvic muscles and the sphincter of the person begin to contract involuntarily.
  • Slowly the sensations and contractions would engulf the whole lower body of a person with growing warmth in his pelvic region
  • Slowly the whole body of the person would begin to tremble and his penis would achieve a full erection.
  • Suddenly, the trembling would escalate wildly and the person would experience intense pleasure waves running throughout his body. Congrats! He has attained Prostate Orgasms
  • The feeling will then subside leaving the person exhausted.

How can one massage one’s prostate?

The prostate can be massaged via a variety of methods such a by one’s own fingers while experiencing anal sex or by various toys designed specifically for this job. The safest and the most sure-fire way to massage one’s prostate is to use prostate massage toys.

Although a lubricant is not necessary while using sex toys yet it is better to use it in order to reduce friction (which can cause cuts and bruises in the rectum) during the process. Also, an anal douche is not usually needed but can be effective in cleaning up the bed after the act.

As said earlier everyone has his own way to achieve sexual pleasure and if one derives Prostate Orgasms by massaging his prostate there are several toys out there that can help him to do it.